Solid red LED when on 4xAA Battery pack


I have been powering my Photon with no problem off of the USB cable. I decided to try and plug in the 4xAA battery pack that came in the Photon Kit and I’m having issues. When I plug in the battery pack, the photon’s RDB LED flashes white very briefly and then blinks red about 13 times (no SOS pattern) then it stays solid red forever and firmware doesn’t run ( temperature sensor does not publish values). I don’t have a multimeter to check voltage or anything, the batteries have been sitting in their original package (unused) for about 5 months so I’m guessing they may or may not be discharged. Before I buy brand new batteries and fail again I wanted to ask if someone has had the same problem.

Also, when I plug back to USB it runs normally with no problem.

thank you!

Got a video of that?
How have you got the battery pack connected?

I’d also add a diode between the battery pack and the Vin pin.

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