Photon Blinking White When Powered Over VIN or 3.3 Pins

I just got two photons in the mail today and set up successfully over USB. However, when I try to power either one from my bench power supply at either 5v or 3.3v to the respective pins they blink white continuously. If I move back to power over USB it starts up fine and goes into breathing cyan. Has anyone more experienced seen something like this or have a guess what I might be doing wrong?

Much appreciated.

@Mattvlaw, is your bench supply limiting the supplied current? The photon can peak at 350-450ma when connecting so make sure you bench supply is set accordingly.

Thanks, that was quick. Looks like it definitely was the power supply. Not sure if it was the ocp as I actually swapped to a different source before reading this and it seemed to resolve the issue. Was just coming here to update and saw your post. I will check in the morning to confirm if there is a current limit set. Should have thought of that.

Thank you!

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