Photon Redboard only works through USB power; battery doesn't work

Hi all,

I recently got a Photon Redboard kit through an electric engineering camp I went to over the past week. I’ve been mostly powering it through the USB connector to my computer, but now I’d like to power it with the battery that comes with the kit so I can move it somewhere else in my room. When I try to change the power source to the battery, the device doesn’t seem to work as it does when it’s powered by USB.

When the device is powered by USB, the following happens:

  • green light flashes for 2-3 seconds
  • blue light flashes for 2-3 seconds
  • solid blue light turns on, signifying the device is ready to go.

This is what I’d also like to see when I plug in the battery, but instead I get this:

  • pink-red light flashes for 5-6 seconds
  • RBG light completely turns off

and that’s it. Occasionally I’ll see a solid red light go on for a few seconds but it always ends in the light turning off. This also makes the device go offline (the Particle app on my Android device can no longer see it) and I’m stumped. I’ve looked through the light guide, at this link, but I’m not seeing anything on the light completely turning off.

To eliminate other possible reasons for this happening, I have flashed an empty software to the device. Keep in mind this works when the device is plugged in via USB so I’m guessing it isn’t the program I have on it.

Do batteries operate differently than USB power for these devices? How can I fix this?

Thank you for any help in advance,

  • Draylar

Quick update–
Apparently, the battery that came with the kit was dead. I replaced it with a new battery and the device works as expected. (typical software/hardware issue…)

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