Battery Power Options for Photon?

Hi, I have a Photon-powered display happily running in a Boston store. It triggers a small continuous servo for 5 seconds sporadically during the day, when visitors interact with it using their smart phones. The manager just contacted me and said she’d like to move it to a better, more prominent location – but one with no outlet. What’s my best strategy for powering it by a rechargeable battery? No significant sun in the area. I own a Voltaic V15 USB rechargeable battery with “always on” capability ( I do walk by there at least once a week, so I could swap out rechargeable batteries. Thanks in advance. - DC

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To figure out how much battery you need you should try to measure how long it will run off the 2000ma battery.

Or if you can measure power consumed in amp hours while running the device for a day.

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@dcdenison, what is the current draw on your Photon setup. If a visitor interacts with their phone I suspect the Photon never sleeps, correct?

Thanks. I’ll start running some tests.

And yes @peekay123 it never sleeps. So I might be able to put it to sleep while the store is closed: from 8 pm till 8 am every night.

Post a picture of your setup if possible, it sounds interesting.

Sleeping while the store is asleep sounds like a good idea if your running on battery power.

You could also sleep during day hours if you got some way to wake the device when a customer approaches.
How far would the nearest sunlight be from the device?