Powering the photon using AA batteries

Hai all, im pretty new to electronics field. Im trying to create a product which includes one servo motor , camera and small oled display. im gonna power it using 4 AA batteries but before that i need to know wt is the running time i can expect with the given usage… * i need to control the servo from internet whenever i want… so please guide me with the powering structure and deep sleep and all that…
thanks in advance

That’s the biggest variable in the equation together with the unknown power consumption of your unknown servo motor, there’s no way for us to tell the over all running time.

Just some general pointers:
Servos produce electric noise which the Photon doesn’t like very much -> use decoupling caps.
4AAs might give you 6V while the Photon is rated at max 5.5V on Vin -> use a diode that drops the voltage plus protects your batteries from getting “charged” when low and the setup is USB powered.
Sleep modes are discussed in the docs.
Calculate your power consumption by adding up the average current draw of the system during servo action and divide the mAh rating of your batteries (only once not four times) by that number, that should give you the max possible running time.

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