Best way to conserve Photon battery life with wifi on?

I have my photon connected to a servo and it is battery powered through micro USB via a small power stick I had laying around (the ones intended to recharge your phones on the go). The problem is, the battery burns out very quickly – within about 12 hrs. I’d like to make this last orders of magnitude longer and I’m guessing it is the wifi module that is pulling all the power.

Is there a mode that can “wake on wifi”, so to speak? Or am I stuck with having to sleep the module and wake every 10 seconds or so and poll a database to see if a command was sent? Or is there another way I’m not thinking of? The servo only needs to rotate once on command and maybe 2 or 3 times a day, the rest of the time, the entire setup needs to do nothing.

Thanks for any pointers.

Theres wifi power save mode, but its not yet implemented on the photon.
Wifi power save saves power by sleeping between the beacons, and in some implementations several beacons, the result is much lower current consumption at the cost of higher latency, ie. a command may take 100-200ms to actually get to the device.

However the photon on its own is pretty power hungry, even with wifi off you are burning around 40mAh at 5volts.