Improve battery Particle Photon with WiFi

Hi Everyone,
I’m working on a firmware on Photon, which will be powered with an external battery, so the point is to reduce the power consume. The aim of the project is to let Photon talk with a server in Websocket and get data/operation to execute. The fact of consistency of data in case Photon isn’t available is made of the Server. My question is about how to improve the battery. I know the max power is in charge of the WiFi, so I want for example that at 20 seconds (for example at 4 PM, 1 minutes 20 seconds), the WiFi will be down for 20 seconds and then back online, if no operations are on the way. I’ve not necessary to work with the Cloud of Particle, just with the server.


What are the best System mode for the Photon? SEMI_AUTOMATIC, MANUAL, AUTOMATIC?

Is This a good solution to save battery?


What method should I call to power off the WiFi and on after the 20 seconds?

Hello zebrone92, did you manage to solve this? I have one device that it needs to be online when the people click on the button after that I can shut down the whole system. If you can share what you do for solve this I appreciate.



That is a rather rudimentary description of your needs that allows for tons of interpretations?

Have you had a look in the docs about System.sleep() and SYSTEM_MODES() everything should be there.

If you have some more specific questions you’re welcome to ask.

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