Sparkfun Battery Shield + Photon + 3.7V battery + Solar Panel

Hi, Im building a system to read temperature with the Photon in remote areas where I dont have power supply, so I will buy the Sparkfun Battery Shield, battery and Solar Panel for my Photon.

The Question here is, the battery is always charging when it is sunny day? or it will only charges when the battery is low voltage?

My project need to be working 1 year with no battery change, so I will develop the program to only wake up the Photon once every 15 minutes to read temperature in the day and sleep all night. Also is there a way to wake up the Photon via wifi? I want to read the temperature with my Mobile using an app Im developing, so maybe open the app and wake up the photon only when the app is running.

Can anyone help me with this?
Is it possible to do it?

Running the Photon on battery should certainly be possible. It’ll depend on a variety of factors whether or not you can last that long though (solar panel, average online time, weather, etc).

Waking on wifi isn’t possible since, well, the device is asleep. Having it online would mean it’s not sleeping, hence wasting battery, thus not in sleep mode.

Your next bet bet is to then log the data on a server/cloud and read that with the app. It’s not real-time data, but a compromise has to eb made for the sake of battery life.

I am wondering if a similar setup with the electron, sparkfun battery shield and a solar panel would work for charging the electron LiPo? Has anyone had any luck with this? The issue that I have encountered is that the 3.7V battery will not power the electron from the Vin if connected to the battery shield. However, if the LiPo is connected electron, it does seem to charge the battery. Thanks