B524 in N. America

Does B524 modem work in USA?

I tried it in Canada and it works.

Anyone tried?

Thank you

If the bands are supported it should connect, yes, but generally that’s not the case. It’s not supported in the USA as the carriers don’t support it’s bands on LTE CAT 1.

Can you please DM me the DeviceID so I can check a few things?

We really do not recommend the B524/T524 in North America. It will not work at all in the United States and Mexico, and only works on one band in Canada, B7 (2600 MHz).

Since carriers prefer to use the low frequencies (700 MHz or 850 MHz) in rural areas because the signals travel longer distances between towers, it’s quite likely that the B524 will not work in many areas in Canada.

Thank you for the clarification.