LTE in Australia

Is there any forecast for availability of the B524 SOM’s ?

Are these likely to have connectivity in Australia?

Our project has been on hold for a variety of reasons but is about to be reinvigorated - a mixture of demonstrated need (remote monitoring of cystic fibrosis patients in their home rather than hospital outpatient department) and sourcing funding for an enlarged trial.

Given that I have been self funding this development and 10 of the 12 Gen3 devices I purchased in the original offer have been rendered a waste of money - 8 Xenon’s and 2 Boron LTE’s - I am naturally careful re ordering new devices in the hope that they might work.

The B524 B Series SoM LTE Cat 1 with 2G/3G fallback is officially supported in Australia and New Zealand and should connect out-of-the box. The Tracker T524 and Tracker One ONE524 are as well.

The B524 is currently affected by the global chip shortage so I don’t have a firm date for availability.

Hi, it could be that you can get a store credit for those Xenons, so I suggest you open a ticket with support to see if that is possible in your case :moneybag:
that could alleviate the bill for the next phase of your project…

Thanks Rick. I will place an order for a B524 to see how it fares.