Availability of LTE Boards

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Can someone help if the LTE Boards are available and can be purchased in India.
If available, will these work with 4G sim cards under the frequency spectrum of India.?
Please do let me know.



Hi Hithendra,

I’m answering here, instead of on your support ticket, for visibility. You can find up-to-date information about the available carriers for each of our cellular-equipped packages here. As you will note, we currently do not offer support for our LTE devices outside of North America.

It may be possible to use our LTE devices with a third party service in India, though there are some restrictions and limitations (most notably the visibility of your cellular service within the Console) to this route. We do not explicitly support this practice, but it may be a workaround that allows you to get online.

It’s also worth noting that we do offer a 2G/3G version of our Particle Boron, every bit as robust as its LTE counterpart, which is serviced via Vodafone for Particle.


Hi Marekparticle,
Thanks for your reply.

Can you please confirm if my understanding is right based on your responce.

  1. I will not be able to use the below devices in india as they are not supported by any cellular company. [Which means even if i buy it wont work in india ]
    Electron 2G (G350), Electron 3G (U260/U270), or E Series 2G/3G (E310)

  2. I will only be able to use Boron 2G/3G in India as it has cellular support from vodafone. …ie i can buy this device in india and insert a 3g vodafore sim card into it and connect to cloud.

Can you advise on the above 2points and let me know.


Hi Hithendra,

  1. Particle does not support cellular service for Electrons in India. It may be possible to use an Electron G350 or U260/270 with a third party SIM card per the restrictions and limitations linked to in my post above. It’s worth noting that you should be vigilant to check the difference between the U260/U270 modems and match to available frequencies in your area should you go this route.
  2. Particle does support cellular service for 2G/3G Borons in India. You do not need to purchase any nanoSIM to make this work, it should work with out of the box (upon activation) with the embedded SIM soldered to the board (given proper coverage).