Auto-update, status started events cycle

My photon which is registered as a product is cycling through every device mode color at the moment. Originally it was stuck in the “connected cloud” color; which was fine. But no matter the color I am getting an endless loop in my console of events when the device is connected:

device came online spark/status auto-update spark/flash/status started

Here’s a screenshot:

I successfully flashed the device using my own firmware, “v3” via CLI. It previously had my firmware v2 on it. Even though it had v2, the product console keeps saying “pending firmware update v2.” Which is the second error. And the first error being the endless loop of auto-update, status started events.

I have already done the following:

$ particle flash --factory tinker $ particle flash --usb tinker $ particle flash --serial tinker

As well as flashed my own firm, i.e. $ particle flash --usb firmware.bin

I have also used the “Particle Device Updater.”

All yielded the same results in the console of the above repeated events and all had no errors in flashing:

device came online spark/status auto-update spark/flash/status started

Anyone else having the same problem with their photon registered as a product?

Have you marked the Device as a development unit or “locked” it in the console?

(1) I just noticed the UI change and if I click the button “edit” when clicked into the device, I can manually force a firmware update to whatever version I want.

(2) So now I have it locked to firmware v3. However, it is telling me that firmware v3 update is pending. And v2 firmware is still on the device. It is not marked for development and it is still looping in the console as I type this message.