OTA update of device with no owner?

Hi all

I’m pushing out new firmware via product firmware to a few devices that have no owner (i.e they are just assigned to the product group). In the console I can see ‘auto-update’ and then ‘started’ but it seems to freeze there, and never completes.

similar behaviour to this Auto-update, status started events cycle

Any ideas?


It seems the issue is that System.updatesPending() returns false, even when there are updates pending.

I just tested it and unclaimed devices do receive OTA updates when you release a new version of firmware for your product. I tested with an Electron product and 0.7.0.

However, beware of using System.updatesPending(). It only returns true when the upgrade is about to begin, which may be 10 to 30 seconds after connecting to the cloud. This is not a reliable way to know that you should wait before going to sleep, for example.

This not very useful behavior will be fixed in the future, but the work has not been scheduled yet.

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ok thanks, i have found a workaround for now