[RESOLVED] Photon Setup: Updating (magenta) to blue breathing looping, then eventually flashing green/white

I have tried conducting the set-up procedure. I have seen my photon enter the update cycle many times. What happens is it is flashing magenta before entering the cyan breathing. There is no solid magenta before this (I think it flashed cyan a few times then). The cyan breathing is then interrupted by magenta flashing and the sequence begins again. I let this loop occur for about 20 times, then the spark entered a state where it flashes between white and green.
I have witnessed the “update loop” on both of my photons, but I only allowed one to proceed to the point where it flashes between green and white. Is there any advanced diagnostic documentation? I am not aware of the meaning of this sequence. I have received no notification that my updates have failed.

My online log showed “Auto-update” and “device connected” as repeating statuses.

After power cycles and resets, the one spark continues to flash between green and white immediately once released. An attempt to factory reset leaves me with a solid white LED for over 10 mind , too).

Please any help is appreciated. Please let me know if more details are required. I couldn’t find any post similar to this. I’d really like to get these devices up and running! :smile:

Is this a totally new Photon that you have yet to flash firmware with?

I think the auto system update from the :cloud: during the first connection is failing. Is the internet connection poor?

We can attempt to update it via USB if that really fails consistently.

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Hi Kennith,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes the device is new.

I tried bringing my particle closer to my router and repowered. The device was still flashing white and green. I entered the setup mode and reinitialized the internet connection settings.

I can’t quite recall the exact sequence of events, but when the wifi was set up I was able to execute “Reflash Tinker App” and that seemed to work! I brought the photon back to the room where I was originally testing and found that it would connect sometimes and flash green (not connected). Looks like I’ll have to buy some antennas.

thanks for the details. I will call this issue resolved.

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