Asset tracker slow fix solutions

Our group of developers has purchased approximately six Electrons so far and are finally ready to begin beta testing of our product. In this product, we have been using the Ultimate GPS module that Adafruit sells, which is the same module that you use in your asset tracker I believe.
We have observed that often it takes longer than 5 minutes to get a GPS fix. Does Particle support any method similar to the GSMLOC described here: (
We are planning on doing further development on a product which will use your asset tracker shield with the Electron. We do not want our product to have to wait longer than 5 minutes to find the GPS location, and if it cannot get a fix in that time, we will settle for the closest location we can find using some sort of cell phone network tower location. Also, can our electrons identify the location (city or lat. & Long.) of the cell tower with which it is communicating?

Have you tried this yet ;)?

Thank you for directing me to this thread. I will forward this to our programmers for their consideration. It looks like it is very complicated.


You’re probably better off with the new version of the Asset Tracker that has a better GPS receiver and antenna which would probably give you quicker GPS fixes.