Argons go online offline online the whole day

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I have 3 Argons each with 2 Xenons installed on 3 different WiFi routers in 3 different locations. They seem to be going online and offline every few minutes. I only see it in the events tab. On the Argons themself the Cyan LED is breathing, so no indication that it’s offline

running v1.4.2
Is this normal?


This is not normal but there are plenty of possible reasons for this that are not related to the Argon as such

just to name a few

  • your code might be blocking
  • your WiFi APs may have a too short lease period
  • your WiFi APs may not have enough free DHCP IP Addresses
  • radio noise

If all three devices are running the same code, my top candidate would be the first


I have seen this happening with a Xenon in an ethernet featherwing - so maybe we could rule out all but the first.

It is strange that with different code the offline to online time is always 30 seconds exactly!

I saw this once earlier this afternoon and not since - I have seen it before.

By blocking I guess you mean the loop() cadence is effectively 0 and Particle.process() has not been called? Is it possible that the better connectivity symbol update is a contributor?


They are all running the same code. Its not complicated code, simple BLE client. I do have the Ubidot and Blynk Libs installed. I think I will uninstall those first and see what happens.


I have done the following to try and get to the bottom of this. I changed all my delays to soft delays where Particle.process() is called. I genuinely thought that would resolve this and yet again this morning all of them are doing the same thing.

I then took a brand new Argon (out the box) upgraded it to 1.4.2 and loaded tinker via CLI.

This argon is running no code and it seems to be doing the same thing. Any ideas?

I have also observed the xenons loose connectivity to the Argons, should I fall back to 1.4.1 (or earlier)

thanks in advance


My Argon also does this all the time. It runs DeviceOS 1.4.2 and nothing but the default blink-sketch form the web-IDE (because it only has to act as a gateway).
But I didn’t have any issues reaching the connected devices, so I don’t know if it’s really offline or just timing out something :thinking:.


If the network has a UDP timeout is at 30 seconds it would be closing the connection.

Try adding Particle.keepAlive(20); to your setup.


Thanks! Adding this statement to setup() solved my Argon (1.4.2) offline/online issue I was having every 10 minutes. At first, I tried 9 minutes. But, found the device went offline after about 1.25 minutes following reset. Next, tried Particle.keepAlive(1 * 60) but then found device would go offline every 30 seconds. So, in the end, Particle.keepAlive(20) solved it.

Using SYSTEM_MODE(AUTOMATIC) & no system thread.


Thanks Amillen

Solved my problem as well