Will the Xenons and Argon continue to execute my program if Wifi drops out for days on end?

I don’t have code to share yet.

I was wondering if I setup my program at my house with the argon and xenon; if it will run without wifi at my relatives house. I want to make a pool controller and they have 1Mb internet. I am pretty sure it would be better to not rely on it at all.

My thought is I would program and test everything here, on my pool, then take it down there and let it run.

I appreciate any feedback.


Yes, if you change from the default mode. The easiest solution is to use:


which allows your code to run even when there is no cloud connectivity. There are a few caveats, most importantly you should avoid calling Particle.publish when not cloud connected to avoid blocking for several minutes in certain cases.


10-4 Thanks. I had seen people talk about using SYSTEM_THREAD on here before. I get to become a little more familiar with it now.

Thanks A lot!