Argon drops of the network daily

I have had a selection of argons and xenons sitting on the shelf for ages and the deprecation notice prompted me to do something with them. At the moment they are spread on my desk in a radius of a few feet, and about 2 feet from my wireless access point.

At least once daily, often overnight, the argon drops off the network, taking the 4 attached xenons with it. It sits in the fast blinking cyan state and at the moment only pressing reset will wake it up again. It is being powered via a powered USB hub. It is running OS v1.4.4

Currently that argon does not do anything. It has an epaper display attached, which runs through a demo on start up then sits with loop{} empty. The other kit on the network are:
xenon doing nothing with no firmware uploaded
xenon with a smaller epaper display updating every minute, pulling time from the network
xenon with a environmental and soil moisture sensor publishing an event to the cloud every 10 seconds
xenon with a solar panel reporting panel input and battery status to the cloud every 10 seconds.

2 updates every 10 seconds, so I don’t think it is overwhelming the network.

Are there any diagnostics anyone can advise doing to work out why this drops off the network daily? Or, is this part of the mesh problem that has lead to Particle abandoning this technology? Would I be better looking at running the argon without mesh and have the xenons send updates via blutooth?

When online, health reports are good:
Mar 7th, 2020, 10:09AM
Strong Wi-Fi signal
241ms round-trip time
92kB of 157kB RAM used
0 disconnect events
0 rate-limited publishes

I did have another argon and xenon on the network, so moved them to their own mesh. Currently they do nothing but consume power. They both stayed on the network last night.

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