Argons dropping off line

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We have 5 locations with Argons as the mesh gateway. All are connected to different manufacturers Wi-Fi routers. We reset them and they drop off line within a couple of days. All are being charged by 6V solar panels via the VUSB pin. We have 2000mAh batteries on four of the Argons and 4000mAh on one of the Argons. We are monitoring battery voltage. It never seems to be dropping to 3.7VDC.

We are frustrated. If we can’t fix the Argon problem we are going to need to terminate the project or look at another platform.


When you say they drop offline - do you mean they lose and can’t re-establish internet connection or are you talking about the WiFi connection?

Do you have any event logs for these devices - have you been able to notice any pattern to the events just before the connection is lost?

Are you using any form of publish queue on the Argons - or are you publishing from the endnodes via the Argon gateway?


They are dropping the cloud connection and will not re-establish until the reset button is pressed.

We don’t have the event logs as we are not logged in at the account at the time of failure.

We are particle.publish(ing) from each device. We are not mesh.publish(ing) then forwarding to the cloud.

All of these units are outside in weatherproof enclosures.