Large # of Argons not reconnecting to particle cloud after cellular network outage

First, some backround: We use the argon connected to a cellular modem via ethernet (along with other devices).

Eseye (our SIM provider) reported that they had a network outage yesterday at about 1800; as a result we had a good number of devices go offline at this time. However, we can observe that while our cellular modem (and other devices attached to the modem) have come back online, we are still observing that the Argons are not connecting/communicating - roughly 40 out of 100 are currently offline, that would otherwise be operating.
Do we have any information as to why this would be the case?

Additional note: no software changes since 29 Nov 2022 - so this isn’t instigated by any recent change in code.


And yes, we have tried rebooting some of these - to no effect as of yet.

Looks like these have spontaneously recovered en-masse:

As a note: this was an issue with the network operator having a failure when routing to DNS servers - once they found the issue and rectified it, our devices came back online.


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