Argon unplugged reverts to listening model

I had a unique issue in field yesterday which I’m hoping someone might have insight on

I connected particle to wifi using cli (phone app would not pair). It connected successfully (breathing cyan) but when I unplugged it from laptop and back into its power setup it just went back into what I think was listening mode. It was blinking deep blue.

Normally once connected the argon can be powered on and off and connect directly back to the same wifi if it is still available I thought?

I tried this with 2 argons - same results.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding something with the cli to connect? I am using particle serial wifi Cmd

If you use the Particle CLI or direct serial to configure an Argon, instead of the mobile apps, you need to manually set the setup done flag or you’ll go into listening mode (blinking dark blue) on cold boot.

Oh perfect thanks for your help - I will try this