Argon & Ethernet featherwing - unable to obtain ip address

We are trying to use Argon with ethernet featherwing due to issues we have with WIFI. There was an issue which was resolved on another thread but we have another issue now which is different so I generated new topic.
We have been successfully able to connect to particle cloud on argon using ethernet featherwing; however, lately we have been observing an issue where argon is unable to connect. We tried doing reset couple times and removing the device from particle list and but every time we try to set it up again and it starts connecting particle to internet (cloud) it gives an error on the app that it was unable to obtain ip address. We are successfully able to connect using WIFI. Also, we connected another device such as laptop at the same ethernet cable and it is successfully able to connect to the network but when connected same cable to Argon, it provides this error during setup on the app.

Thanks in advance.

Any advice - Please?

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