Argon DHCP IP address assignment fail if there is more than three DNS servers assigned

I have two sites where I have Microsoft Windows Server DHCP Servers serving IP addresses for the client. On one of the sites the Argons succed in getting IP addresses while on the other it fails.

Checking the network traffic using Wireshark I could see that the DHCP server assigned a address but the Argon never acknowledged the address. Investigating the DHCP responses from the two sites I saw that the second site had three DNS servers in the DNS option while the first had only two. Removing the third DNS server made the Argons succeed in assigning a IP address.

Yes, this is a known issue, fixed in 0.8.0-rc.26, the next release.

Xenons with Ethernet FeatherWing and Argons go into a panic state when offered more than 2 DNS servers by the DHCP server
Status: Fixed in 0.8.0-rc.26 (not yet released)