Issues with Argon wifi and Microsoft DHCP

Hi folks,

In the process of setting my newly acquired Argon, I’ve run into a strange issue. During the network setup process, I would get an error on my phone noting that Bluetooth had dropped and I needed to start the setup again, along with a rapid green flash on the Argon. After some tweaking my wifi setup and creating a 2.4 only network with a simple password (Unifi), I figured it out it was our Microsoft DHCP server (2016 Ent). The DHCP scope options are simple, 003 Router, 006 DNS Server, 015 DNS Domain Name, and has plenty of open addresses.

Has anyone else run across this issue or have suggestions for tweaks for getting things going?

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How did you figure out it was the DHCP server? Did you get it to work successfully? If so, what were the exact steps that rectified the issue?

I have a Sophos UTM at the head of my network, I flipped it’s DHCP on and re-ran the setup process and it worked correctly. Just to make sure, I then reset the argon and re-ran the setup again the MS Dhcp with the same results.

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