Argon - Wifi Static IP

Is it possible to set a static IP address on the Argon? We would like to use the Argon in beta test but due to our customers IT requirements, it has to be a static IP address - DHCP is disabled as a global rule for them.


I haven’t tested whether it’s implemented already, but if you try be aware this is supposed to be a “sticky” setting which would require actively resetting to dynamic once you don’t want it anymore.

Static IP addresses are not supported on the Argon or the Ethernet FeatherWing, at least through 0.8.0-rc.27.

They’re planned to be implemented, but I don’t have a date the feature will be added yet.

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Would it make sense to publish a list of commands and features that are currently supported by the Photon that are not implemented yet on the Mesh devices? There are a few things like this it would be great from a product development perspective ( we are itching to switch to the Mesh devices but these are hold ups for us). Even without target dates, it would help clear up a bunch of stuff - I know the development is still very active on the Mesh devices

Is there any evolution on availability of Static IP address support on the Argon?

Sorry, support for static IP addresses on the Argon is not on the schedule to be implemented in the near future.