Ethernet and Xenon Mesh

Hello all,

I have successfully set up a Xenon node (in Mesh mode).
This node communicates with my Gateway which has Internet access (= working).

After setting up this node I have connected it to an Ethernet Feather Wing (also working).

I want to use the Ethernet connection (on this Ethernet Wing) to sent and receive ASCII packages to and from a device; I have two questions regarding this:

  1. How (in IDE / the Console) can I change the IP settings for this Ethernet connection (on the Ethernet Wing)? I need a fixed IP with a fixed Subnet ( /

  2. Does anyone know if there are working examples for connecting a Ethernet Feather Wing with such a device via a standard RJ45 cable in combination with a Xenon (or Argon) unit with the included library for the WIZnet W5500?

I hope someone can help me out with this,

With kind regards,
Jeroen Wolf, from Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

At this time there is no way to set a static IP address on the Ethernet interface. It should be possible to do that either by code or USB, but I don’t believe it’s possible at this time.

If you have control over your DHCP server, you can assign a static IP by MAC address over DHCP. That’s how I set them and it eliminates the need to manually configure static IP addresses on each device.

One important thing is that the Ethernet interface must be enabled. If you used the mobile app setup and checked the Use Ethernet FeatherWing checkbox, this flag will be set. It’s stored in configuration flash.

It’s also possible to enable Ethernet from code. The reason it’s not auto-detected is that in order to probe for the Ethernet interface, a few GPIO and the SPI need to be used, which could adversely affect non-Ethernet peripherals connected to those pins.

There are some methods in the Ethernet class.

But mainly you just need to use TCP and UDP like you would on any other device.

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