Two Xenons with Ethernet Featherwings on the same mesh?

Hello, I have currently set up a mesh with a Xenon on an Ethernet Featherwing as gateway (and several other Xenons in the mesh). I would like to implement another Xenon in a location where I have no mesh (RF) signal from any of the nodes within mesh. As a possible solution, I thought to connect the “remote” Xenon via another Ethernet Featherwing to the LAN. My intention is thus not to install a second gateway, but simply to “bridge” the long distance to the remote Xenon by providing a reliable connection to the mesh via LAN. My question is: Is this at all possible, or will the setup process force me to set up a new mesh when I tick the “Use with Ethernet” option during setup?

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@hbierau, currently, there is no “bridge” functionality on the mesh devices. The Ethernet Featherwing is used to create an internet Cloud connection and is not used for mesh communications so what you want to do is not possible at this time. You can either extend youe mesh network using a directional antenna or a number of repeater Xenons to “bring” the mesh signal to the desired location. Or, use a Photon or Argon and use the Cloud to “connect” back to the mesh via you mesh gateway.

@peekay123, thanks for the swift reply and for the clarification, that’s what I thought.