Arduino IDE closes when Photon is plugged in

I am trying to use the Arduino IDE serial monitor and plotter to view data from my Particle Photon. Unfortunately, as soon as a photon is plugged into my computer, the IDE closes. I have never had this problem with other devices, and it has no issues with arduinos, just photons. If I try launching the IDE with the photon plugged in, I get the splash screen, but it never opens the actual window.

Any ideas what might be causing this, or how to fix it?


What OS are you on?

I’m running windows 10 64bit

I’m not really a Windows guy. Maybe @ScruffR or @rickkas7 can help.

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@randomdude583, with Windows 10 you mustnot use the Particle Serial Drivers but Microsoft’s own.
If you had the Particle drivers installed, remove them from your system.

Also what system version are you running on your Photon?

I have no issues on my Win10 Pro 64bit and Arduino IDE 1.8.5 (apart from the annoyance that I need to send a byte to the device before I can receive anything from it, which renders the use of Serial Plotter impossible - but that’s not limited to Arduino IDE but also PuTTY).

What target platform have you got selected in Arduino IDE. I’ve just found out that my above mentioned “issue” came from having set the tartget as ESP. Switching to Arduino Nano solved that one.

I suspect that removing the Particle serial device driver and using the standard Windows CDC driver instead will solve the problem when using Windows 10. The instructions are here:

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My Photon is running firmware version 0.7.0, which I believe is the latest.

Removing the Particle issued driver fixed my problem, Thanks!

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