Arduino compatible camera

Hi all,

I have found this arduino compatible camera: and it seems that it has the board and the camera as well as the libraries are available -> Provide open source code library for Arduino, STM32, Chipkit, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black.

Could you please tell me if this would work on the core, photon or the electron?



@starcraft04, from a quick look I would say YES it would work with all Particle devices though you would not be able to buffer a full frame in RAM. However, this is not necessary if you are doing single frame capture since the Arducam does the buffering. For the electron, you primary concern will be data size and having a data plan that is suitable.

I believe the libraries can be ported without major issues. Perhaps @brett or @kennethlimcp can comment as well?


Thanks for the answer. In fact, I only need to take a picture of 640x480 and send it over wifi to a server so I guess this would hold right?



@starcraft04, yup it should be work IMO.

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