Advice on finding/writing libraries for a device (like ESP32 PSRAM Timer Camera Fisheye (OV3660))

I picked up a few sensors last week, mostly for learning.

I also picked up this item: ESP32 PSRAM Timer Camera Fisheye (OV3660) | m5stack-store which has examples in C++ over at this repo GitHub - m5stack/TimerCam-arduino: TimerCam Arduino Library

If you wanted to translate some of this code for your Photon 2, what's the best approach to get started? Figured I'd ask some w/ experience than just search for it.

Cameras are not a great use-case on Particle devices, so please keep that in mind.
The amount of data that needs to be transferred does not work well with the DataOps model.

If that does not deter you, Libraries | Firmware | Particle should get you going.

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Thanks for the response and after doing some more research I agree, it doesn't look like cameras are really a good choice for any device tbh and probably best to get something integrate into a device.

And FWIW, since this post I've discovered that many Arduino libraries are already ported! I didn't even know this as I am still learning things and wasn't searching properly either. And thanks for that link to libraries, will definitely read this over the weekend.

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