ArduCAM with Photon using Arduino Library


I am trying to connect an arduCAM_OV2640 to the photon and i need to get an image from it directly to my PC folder. I found this repository on github ( ) and tried to contribute a library on the particle web ide. I was unable to do so as there was a spark.json, firmware.h and firmware.cpp missing. I am not sure how to include them in the code i am intending to use.

I am also attaching the tutorial that i have been referring to.
In terms of hardware wiring, they are as follow;
SCL - D1
VCC - Vin
SCK - D4
CS - D5

Please do let me know if you require anymore information.

Thank you!

Hello @peekay123 i am also using the arduCAM_ov2640, specifically with the photon. I am not familiar with which libraries or code i should use to set the camera up. I only need a single capture at intervals and i have been referring to the code you put up on github ( ).
After trying to use it on the particle web ide i cant contribute a library as the spark.json, firmware.h and firware.cpp is missing. I apologise if this questions sounds too amateurish but i would really appreciate any help or guidance i could get regarding this.

Thank you so much.

Please no double posting!

The other thread you posted has gone “stale” already, so I moved your post back to your own thread and since you’ve pinged a member anyway he’ll find this post here too.

@Rookie101, there are different versions of the Arducam and I believe the library will only work with buffered SPI cameras. As for the IDE, create a new app then add tabs for the Arducam_Library files. Then just cut and past from the github file to the IDE file tabs you created. :smile:

Sorry about that, wont happen again.

I am using ov2640, i have included he details of my connection in the first post of this thread.
I was doing that but it was alot of copy pasting because of the many .h files. i thought there might be a more efficient way. Since you are also suggesting i should do that i will continue with that. Thanks :smile:

Do i have to keep a lookout for something that i might miss being inexperienced? :sweat_smile:

@Rookie101, another approach is to install Particle CLI or DEV to compile locally using the Cloud compile farm. I highly recommend either!

@peekay123 okay, i will try that too!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hey is this code functional

If anyone succeeded in getting the ArduCAM 2640 to work with the Photon, I’d appreciate it if you would post the code or a link to the code. I’m trying to do the same thing.



I have the OV5642 camera and I’m also looking for a working Photon ArduCAM library (example sketches would be nice too) as well. seems to need lots of work for it work with the Photon.

Resurrecting this old thread, trying to get an ArduCAM working on a photon with the latest system firmware.

So, right now I’m trying to get @peekay123 's library working in the latest firmware with extra Arduino support. Although I’ve got my version compiling, I’m not passing the “is the camera even connected” test… and there’s a much newer version of the original library:

I really wanted to write some client / server code to stream images / video to a site / server / client, etc… but if I can’t even get the camera on, then I need help from someone who’s better at SPI than me (which is probably everyone).

Hopefully I’m just doing something silly here, or somebody wants to port the latest library from ArduCAM (maybe even ArduCAM), and get Particle compatibility working.

My test repo:

I’ve run out of time on this, so I’m willing to gift one Photon and one ArduCAM OV5642 to the brave soul who adds Particle compatibility over SPI to the latest library from those folks, and I can confirm it’s working. :slight_smile:

edit: I think maybe I got the camera working, I edited some of the SPI initialization stuff incorrectly. Gonna keep plugging away and see what I can do. If you beat me to a working demo with an updated library, I may still give away one free camera / photon. :slight_smile:

update 2: I’m talking to the camera, and getting data back, but it’s not valid jpeg data yet… gonna keep diggin`.



Got it working, ported the newer library, yay! Demos to follow. :slight_smile:


Posted a basic intro project here:

Enjoy! :slight_smile:



Ohh people have been asking for this since the Spark Core Kickstarter campaign :slight_smile:

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omg blast from the past. I definitely need to build this now.