Using OV7670 camera module with spark core

I planning to use OV7670 camera module with the spark core (This camera uses the SCCB interface, compatible with I2C). I did not see much information on how to do this in the community. please let me know if anyone has figured out how to use this camera with the spark core. It would be great if you could share your findings.


I did some work over here:

but getting the data in reliably was an issue so i switched to other cameras due to time constraints.

Hello Kennethlimcp,
Thanks for your response. Actually I read your post prior to posting mine. Great effort, but as you said I felt the same. Could you please let the forum know on the camera module you used and how? That will be a great work around and people can start using the camera module you are using rather than pouring over OV7670 and patching the SCCB interface.

Having said that, it will be great if the Spark team can please look into this. I was able to successfully take pictures using OV7670 and arduino Yun (and storing the pictures in the SD card) and I hope we should be able to do the same using the Spark Core as well…


p.s: There is a typo in this post. Please read ‘I was able to successfully take pictures using a logitech webcam and arduino Yun’… and thought of moving to OV7670 with Spark as the next move. Please take a look at my reply to kennethlimcp below.

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@develamit, if you can share your code on the Arduino, i can try to port and get it working.

The issue is that i used a NON-FIFO version and that probably complicated matters!

Sorry Kennethlimcp, My bad with the typo in my earlier post. I used the logitech webcam for that project as described here:

I thought of moving to the OV7670 with Spark as my next move, but stumbled…

Sorry for my earlier typo.

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After googling, I also found this, which says how to use OV7670 with Arduino as well.

Will probably give it a try…

hello develamit,
I wanted to interface arduino uno with OV7670 along with a SD card module to CAPTURE and STORE images.I tried reading many articles in web…but found nothing that could help me.
Please help me out in completing my Major.
Thanks in advance.