Trying to connect a camera to the spark

I am trying to connect a cam to the saprk and my goal was for it to stream videos but I found that very challenging to do according to many people .So, i just want it to take a picture . I am just not sure which cam will be compatible wit the board will this cam do the job ?

I think the first thing is to see how many GPIO pins are needed and what kind of protocol the camera supports.

I took a quick look at the docs, and it seems to support TwoWire, so you only need 2 data lines, but it’s not clear to me if the full functionality of the camera is available with that, or if you need the 8(10) pixel data lines also.

Thanks alot, So in general if the device is supported by arduino that means its supported by spark core too right ?!

I didn’t say that! :wink: Most of the time yes, but the devil is in the details.

If you have to connect all those pins to the spark then you can’t do it - there aren’t enough pins. So you need to find out what protocol the camera uses.