Connecting SD Card Module and Arduino Cam OV7670 to Photon

I’m actually working with my team work, developing a device, that works like “Ring video doorbell”. The only thing is that ours only takes photo when you push a button, and send it to a data base to send it to an Android app we developed via WiFi. We are using a Photon, SD Card Module, OV7670. We want to use a OV7670 camera and send the photo to Firebase. The problem is, that we need to save the picture before sending it, and for that we are using the SD Card Module, and the Photon doesn’t have pin enough. And we are thinking about using an Arduino to take take the picture and the Photon to save the picture in the SD Card, and send it to Firebase, and display it in the Android app we developed.
Is there a way to connect both devices without using a third party?
Thank you for your time.

not a direct answer to your question but you might consider raspberry pi since you can put it in the particle cloud. i think it would handle all of your requirements.

Huh? Why?

What else have you connected to the Photon?
How have you got everything hooked up?

Well, a member of our team discovered that not all of the pins are needed. So he just connected the escential pins and it works.