Photon provide website with pictures stored on sdcard


i started a new project with following components:

-Serial TTL Camera

As there are many arduino examples it is easy to get them sending an HEX jpeg to over serial port.

Now i am thinking about buying a sdcard module for saving the jpeg directly on a sdcard connected to photon.
There are also many examples and it should be possible.

But now I am not sure if a TCP server running on the Photon will be able to handle a little website with pictures saved on the sdcard. I guess each JPEG will be about 100kbyte.

Are there any experiences ?

The design you are thinking about doesn’t make sense. Your photon has very limited processing power, while as you can get unlimited processing power over the internet for a few dollars a month. Your photon should only have to send data, not have to manage an UI as you are thinking of doing.

If you can figure out how to send the picture out once, that’ll be much better. Once it’s on the internet, you can serve that picture using traditional means (webserver hosted on VPS / CDN)