Send JPEG to Cloud


For sure it is possible to send JPEG file from a Photon to our own server in TCP using HTTP.

But the great advantage of the photon is all its firmware that allow us to communicate easliy from anywhere with it via the Cloud: we can publish/receive data without a private server.

So I would like to know if something is planned in the future releases to allow us to send JPEG file via the Cloud and then to have a single point of access to the photon, otherwise if we have to communicate with our private server to retreive the images, there is no real added value to use a second acces via the cloud for the transmission of the other type of data.

Many people have attempted to hook up a low rez camera to the Particle devices but as far as I know none have succeeded so far.

I also think this would be a killer application feature.

I would recommend using a raspberry or similar system for this. It would make it much simpler.

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Thanks for you answer.

I already use PI and also arduino which are fine.

But I was interested to use Photon as it is designed to communicate easly via internet and without installing a home web server.

I believe that in order to get something like this work with the Photon at the moment you are going to need to setup some type of custom server to communicate with the photo and pull the image up. Also, there are going to be some hardware limitations.