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Wondering what the best way to upload a JPEG file to the cloud over an e-series cellular connection would be. With our hardware, we have a local TCP connection to a connected IP camera which we take snapshots with periodically and save to SD, and in this case have only the cellular connection to perform an upload to our website. Would Particle.publish() be the best/only way to do this? I understand the message size is quite small (64 bytes) and would need to be base64 encoded. The JPEG image size is ~2K. Any recommendations or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

You can check out this topic

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This project is for the Tracker but it may help with ideas. It uses published events to uploaded images. It also includes a node.js server to reassemble the image file.

It’s designed for the Tracker One, but would work on other Gen 3 devices, except for the cloud-based configuration part. It would work on the E404X, but not the rest of the E Series line because it uses the flash file system to store the image prior to upload.

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