Api.spark.io is very slow! (not due to wifi speed or connection)

api.spark.io is taking forever to load, which is causing lots of delays in uploading sketches to the core. My core is connected to my network just fine, but the latency of the Spark server is killing me. Any suggestions on how to speed this up?

What specifically are you loading, and how (Spark Build, Dev, CLI, etc…)? Status looks fine currently along with latency (see graph): http://status.spark.io/

When I hit the flash button in the web ide, I get “Request Timed Out” followed by “Flash unsuccessful.”. Not sure what the problem is, my wifi connection is strong. Thanks for helping with this.

Ah, ok let’s see if we can figure out what’s going on :slight_smile:

Things to check:

  • The correct Core is selected in the web IDE. Should have a yellow star next to it, and that same one should also have a cyan dot to the right of it (indicating it’s online)

  • You have not recently pushed code to the Core that has tight loops that would prevent loop() from terminating frequently. Large delay()'s are ok, as the background tasks are processed while those are happening.

  • If you suspect some code you pushed it preventing the OTA update from engaging, try to Factory Reset the Core and try to OTA flash it again.

Hi @BDub,

I needed to do a factory reset. It turns out that the only way to put new code on my device is now to do factory resets. There are no bugs in my code, and it seems like a issue flashing code to the device. The error is a timeout from the web ide. Any idea what has happened?


What happens if you factory reset, and then flash this program repeatedly to your Core?

void setup() {
void loop() {
  digitalWrite(D7, !digitalRead(D7));

Each time you flash it, change the delay from 100 to 1000. You should observe the onboard BLUE LED blink fast, then slow, then fast, then slow, etc…

Hi @DaveBot

Based on your other posts, I think you could be running into this open issue where publishing too fast while using certain revisions of the TI CC3000 firmware causes you to not be able to OTA flash anymore.

I’ve been have this problem, or something similar. My core(s) get in some mode where the only way I can get them to program is to do a factory reset, reset up with my iPhone, test with Tinker (just to make sure) and then program the new code. Sigh. It is really slowing down my development time.

After seeing this message, I added delay(3000); or delay 2500 after every publish statement. And it makes no difference, other than making my program run sluggish.