Takes time to flash the sparkcore

Hello Guys!

All connection is fine, the SparkCore is fully connected to the cloud and also SparkCore Apps works great.

The problem is that when I programmed for example a “Blink LED” on the SparkCore cloud and then flash it, it takes approx 3-5 mins for the program to be uploaded to my SparkCore device.

Is that normal?

Thank you!

Should be faster than that but depending on where you are and the latency involved, 3-5 minutes sounds ~ok.

In the place i live in, it take around 1-2 minutes for OTA flashing. :wink:

ohhh yeah… you are right…distance matters xD am from the Indian Ocean…lol

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You could try flashing it with the Spark CLI, it’s noticeably faster. Dinifitely worthwhile checking out.

That’s a pretty normal time for me… it gets slower as the code gets bigger too. With a code at 99% it takes about 6.5 minutes for me
Using USB is heaps faster and the way I do most now

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Hi @nyyirs,

Sorry it’s slow, we’re working on a faster version, but the current method is still latency bound.

Flashing over USB-DFU will definitely be faster with the spark-cli;


Ohh Great! thank you very much guys. Will definitely try that! :slight_smile:

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I now run a local :cloud: and switch to the Spark :cloud: for compiling before flashing via Wifi locally.

Takes like 20 seconds. :smiley:

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