Another day, another billing issue

Hey guys, more issues when trying to unpause one of my Electrons and give you all $$.

Of all the things that should work flawlessly, giving you guys cash easily should be in the top 5 I would imagine. This is the second time I have had issues trying to get devices online because the payment system isn’t going through. Error msg below:

Looks like time (~10min) or intervention (you guys are nothing if not prompt as hell) has fixed the issue? Sooo thank you?

@KyleG can you pass this message along for possible investigation of this behavior?

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Yes I will thanks for pinging me.

@jboswell – sorry you were running into issues unpausing your SIM card. There is a complex set of interactions that occurs when you change the state of a SIM that relies partly on cellular infrastructure. Sometimes, this action can fail temporarily and often resolves itself in a few minutes.

That’s likely what happened here. Let us know if you run into more issues :slight_smile:.



Might I make a humble suggestion: Better recovery & notification, had I just seen a popup that said “Give it about 10 minutes” and no error thing below I likely wouldn’t have posted. There was a notification to wait 1 minute, but there was also that red box at the bottom right.

I did actually wait a few minutes and after nothing had happened I just decided to post. The little error at the bottom just kinda confused things.

Also maybe changing the status on a device would be good (“Updating SIM Whatever, please allow 10 min to complete” or something), giving more feedback that things on the backend are processing.