Android App keeps crashing


i am trying to the first of my Argons set up. I was able to update it, but after that the Particle App keeps crashing on my phone when waiting for the Argon to return a list of Wi-fi Networks.

I have tried restarting my phone and I have sent feedback via the pop-up option to do so. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 if that matters.

What can I do to get these working?

As an update, i tried it with a different Galaxy S9 running a slightly older version of the OS and it has the same issue.

I also tried to use a Fire HD8 but the camera isn’t good enough to read the QR code.

As it sits currently I have two Argons and 4 Xenons and no way to use them.

An update: If I sideload version 2.3.4 of the particle app it stops crashing, lists the Wi-Fi networks and everything works as it should, so something introduced after that version has broken this app for the Galaxy S9.

I reached out to our Android team to let them know about this. It’s on their radar now. Thanks for reporting this and we appreciate the additional information.