Android app keeps crashing when scanning for WiFi networks during Argon setup

I got my Mash devices over a week ago and I’ve been trying to set them up since.
First of all the pairing doesn’t work very good. Most of the time nothing happens and the app gets stuck on “Pairing with you Argon”-screen and then nothing happens. I’ve found that restarting my phone or clearing all app data usually helps. After that and logging back in the pairing works.

But then I get to the more serious issue.
The app crashes every time I get to the scanning for WiFi networks screen before any WiFi networks show up. I’ve done this at least 20-30 times so far and now I have given up.

I have an LG V30 phone.

The latest Android app, 2.3.8, should fix this. Give it a shot and let us know how it goes!

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