Android app does not work to set up a photon

Having recieved my Photon in the mail, I was eager to play with it.
After plugging and installing the android app, I became frustrated very quickly.
The photon was in listening mode, as instructed by the app, However the app wouldn’t find the photon.
I was even able to see the Photon access point on my PC, but for some reason the app just wasn’t picking it up.
I thought that maybe you needed to connect to the photon’s AP, but the app requires a valid internet connection at the same time.
After becoming frustrated and losing hope, I whipped out my iPad, and within a minute i was up and running.
The IOS app gave a much more detailed instruction set, and it seems that the way you set up a particle device varies between android and IOS.
Perhaps it’s time for an overhaul of the Android app, because I noticed alot of negative reviews in google play store.
Anyone else have any good or bad experiences with the android app?
And before anyone asks for the app and phone specs, see below :grinning:
App version: 1.6.3
Samsung galaxy note 4(SM-N910W8), running android 6.0.1

Yup, we see multiple reports of the Note 4 being problematic - no official statement what the reason might be yet.

Does anyone know if Particle is working on this issue. It has been around for awhile know and I still have it. We had three Android phones trying to claim the device, one after another. Two of them worked OK but the third one did not. The one which will not work has an operating system between the two which will work. I definitely do not get any warm fuzzys when I see a problem like this not being addressed. We had considered designing a product around the Photon but it appears to be so buggy that I would be crazy to do so.

Particle Android app v2.0 with many bugfixes and new features will be released soon, hopefully that’ll address this issue.