Photon not found in app, CLI setup OK

Hey running a samsung galaxy tab S.2

Particle Photon.

I downloaded the particle app. Plug in photon to portable battery. Slow blue blink indicating listening mode.

Created a particle account.

Get to the “Time to set up your photon!” screen. No photon devices found.

I can see the Photon access point. But I have to stay on my home wifi or else the app complains.

Not sure what else to do there, seems like a dead end.

Fire up win10, I’ve already got node.js, so that’s cool.
Using powershell.

Login to particle…ok.
particle serial wifi…ok

breathing cyan! yay!

Logged into photon app on S2 tablet

(No Photon Devices Found)

Am I missing something here? The getting started guide makes this look so easy.

update it works fine on my crappy old android smartphone but that doesn’t solve my issue.

So to make sure I’m understanding where you are at now… You can connect to the photon via app on an old smartphone, but not the tablet? The app is just for tinker mode anyways, can you connect to the photon through the Particle site now?

It also allows you to set up devices, call functions, check variables, watch publishes... So 'just tinker mode' is cutting it a bit short. Just wanted to put that out there :wink:

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Including the Android version? I have not seen this functionality in the Android version.

Hmm, not sure to be honest, I’m admittedly one of those ‘iOS guys’…:speak_no_evil:

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Haha, I knew it! Yeah, I believe the Android version is lacking in comparison to its ios counterpart.

Yes. Particle cloud and everything else seems fine.

There are known problems with the Android app. It’s hit or miss, only works on certain phones and versions of Android unfortunately.

Thanks for your help K

Good to know the score anyway.

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