Android app 401 error setting up core [SOLVED]

I have V 1.5.1 of the android app installed, and when I go to set up a core, I get the following error:

I can only assume it is mired in the past and trying to use endpoints that no longer exist, since even the error message is out of date.

Thanks for the heads up, @AndyW – reported this thread internally and will follow up when we’re back at the office tomorrow!

Thanks for the report, @AndyW .

I’ve got the same version installed and it appears to be working here. (I’m out of town at the moment though, so my diagnostic capabilities are a bit hobbled…) Can you try logging out of the app and logging back in? Might sound a little cheesy, I know, but it’s valuable diagnostic data.

Also, are you able to do anything else with the app, or does every action (renaming devices, playing with them in Tinker, etc) cause an error?

I did that - I actually downloaded the latest version from the play store and relogged back in (I was surprised that the app didn’t seem to self-update) - it failed identically before and after the update.

I have what I consider a lot of devices (21 total, including cores, photons and electrons) - not that I’d see how that would change things much.

@AndyW, @jensck, I just tried the app on my Galaxy Note 3 and got the same error when I tried to use Tinker. When I logged out and in again, the error did not appear when controlling Tinker on an Electron and a Photon.

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Thanks for the sanity check, not sure whether to be happy I’m not the only one or not.

For me, the error occurs when I try and add an additional core, not when I try and control an existing core.

@AndyW, I can unclaim a Core and try reclaiming it tonight. :wink:

I do not even have to unclaim anything - just hit the +, then select “Set up a core” - that’s enough to get the 401 message I get every time.

@AndyW, you can’t setup a Core with the Particle app but you can control it if it has Tinker. To setup a Core, you need the old Spark Core app. When I hit “+” and “Setup a Core”, the app takes me to the Tinker screen, no error.

@AndyW when you say “Core”, do you mean that any Particle device in the generic sense, or do you mean a “Spark Core” specifically? I ask because Spark Core setup goes through the old separate Spark app, which the main Particle app just “links” to.

As for app updates, normally the app will auto-update (provided your Play Store settings allow it; auto-update is the default). However, due to some changes required by Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), we had to add a permission to the app. Adding permissions blocks automatic app updates, since that changes the permissions “contract” with the user. So you’re aware, the next release of the app will have to add another permission required for Electron setup, so the next app update will have to be manually approved as well.

@peekay123 , when you got that same error, was it in the Spark Core app or the Particle app?

So, there’s a separate app (the old one) that is used for the cores ? Is that in the play store under spark ? I can try and update that too, see if that helps.

Yeah - I’m at the latest revision of the spark core application (I can’t see a version number) - but when I open that from the play store window, I get the 401 error straight away, so yes, it’s dropping through to the legacy app correctly, then the legacy app is failing.

@jensck, the Spark Core app I believe.

@AndyW, I am not seeing the error now. However, since I am at the office, I can’t get past the WiFi creds screen. I’ll try again at home tonight.

@AndyW Since it looks like it’s only the Core app that’s failing(?), can we have you open the Spark Core app directly, and try logging out and back in to it as well?

That was it - logging out of the underlying spark-core app brought it back to life.

Not very intuitive, and I would never have even realized that it was the old app running until you explained it.

@AndyW thanks for trying it out, glad to hear it helped.

I hope that the re-write of the thread title will help others if they hit this, having to log out of an app that I didn’t even know was running may seem obvious to those who know how the code is structured, but to those of us outside the inner circle, it’s definitely news.

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