Has the Particle android app stopped supporting Cores

Hi All,

I am having trouble setting up a core. It seems to be something witht the andriod app.

I have just moved a working core from my home to work for some testing… So I need to change the wi-fi config.

Open the Particle app 1.6.3 go to add a core and instatly get a darkened screen with a message:-
We have encounted an error. Please visit http://www.spark.io/support for more information Status code 401

I can not see a service issue on the status page. The app is up to date, the app will try to set up a proton, but not the core?

Any ideas?


AFAIK it never did.
I think only the Spark App supports Cores, and the Particle App all the others due to the different WiFi chip used.

BTW: It’s a Photon - these are faster than the heavy protons :wink:


Ok, Well the Spark app is doing the same thing, and on two different wi-fi AP.

And the particle app offers it as an opttion. Infact it will set up, Electrons, photons and cores…


Still getting an error on the particle android app when trying to set up a core.

They are still responding on the CLI .