Android and iOS App?

Hi I tried looking for the Android and iOS App and can’t find it anywhere :slight_smile: help!!


@jbonnett, they’re coming soon! the iOS app is going through app store approval, and the Android app is finishing development. both will be available next week! and since they’re open source, we’ll publish them shortly thereafter.


Are the apps available and what will the App name be because there are a LOT of apps with “spark” in their name?


Not available yet; they’ll both be available next week. Search for ‘Spark Core’ and they should come up.

An update, both app are available in respective stores.

Cannot wait to try it with the Core!

In the meantime, just a short note, up to you to consider it or not for the next release: it is a security best practice not reveal specific details related to authentication error to the system and use instead “wrong username or password” message (reason and further details here:

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Thanks @d82k, appreciate the feedback. Can you tell me which response you’re referring to, and in which app?

Will the android app be available for direct download or via f-droid etc for those of us who don’t use the google play store?

Hello @Zach, oh, yes sorry… I was referring to the android app, to the authentication screen.
But actually doing a couple of tests, also using a fake email address the error message reports a bad password. So it’s ok, an hypothetical attacker cannot understand if he found valid registered email address or not.

Team Spark,
I found the apps (yea!) but have a problem.
The iOS app I tried to run on my wife’s iphone. It requires iOS 7.0 which she is not yet willing to load yet.

I tried the Android app on my Droid Razr. The first time, I got as far as the login/create account screen and typed an email and password. After that the app crashed on me. Any time after that (even after I turned off the phone) I cannot even get to that same screen. If I uninstall, and re-install the app, I can get to the login/create account screen, but nothing further.

Please help!

My Razr phone is the XT912 model, and I am using Android version 4.1.2

Thanks so much.

Hey @hitchcock - thanks for reporting the bug. We’ve fixed it in the Android app and will be re-publishing this weekend; I’ll let you know when the new version is up, once we’ve published it please let us know if the bug persists.

Thanks for the detailed bug report! Very helpful.

I’m on an iPod (4th gen) that will never see iOS 7, so will there be a version that is backward compatible to iOS 6.x?

Can not install on HTC my touch 4 slide.

Google play tells me
This app is compatible with some of your devices.

Is this intentional?

I have a DroidX and get the same message from Google Play. I’m wonder why there is not a cross platform PC based app for this.

Hi @JonnyMac,

We’re working on a simple command line interface that will be cross platform (node.js), and should nicely wrap a lot of common tasks. :smile: A number of community members have also made cross-platform web apps that let you play with your core through the api.

Here are a couple of community projects that have been shared (Sorry I know I’m missing a bunch here):