Sparkcore app on Iphone 4S

Hi , did anybody else’s core connect to the cloud but the app wouldn’t say that there a Core was found. But the core was Connected to the cloud with the the breathing light blue LED. I tested my core on a Samsung Galaxy S4 and it worked perfectly and did the blink test successfully. The app is the latest version.

On the IPhone app the screen stays stays stuck on the SSID and passworrd screen but works perfecty on the S4.

I’m not sure if I understand your question, but I can confirm both my spark cores are reachable from my iPhone 4S running iOS 7 and the Spark Core iOS app if I flash the Tinker firmware on them.

To be able to access the :spark: from the app you need the Tinker firmware (or a Tinker compatible one) on the device.

Hi @CNBurger,

If you have one app that is showing your core, and another app on another device that isn’t showing, I’m guessing you logged in with different accounts? The apps make it really easy to create an account by mistake.


The spark app stays stuck on the SSID and password screen on the iPhone 4S. But on the Samsung S4 the app works perfectly. I’ve uninstalled and re-installed the app and it was still stuck on that screen.

Is the :spark: rgb led in a flashing blue status when you are on that screen?

If your :spark:is not flashing blue but breathing cyan then your device is already on the cloud and has been associated to a spark account (may be by using your S4).
In that case you need to log into the app by using the same credentials you used when you registered your account on the S4 (This is the spark account credentials screen while this is the wifi association step screen

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