Alexa -> IFTTT -> Particle

With Amazon's removal of support for IFTTT integration, I am interested to know what the current best approach is for controlling a Particle device via Alexa.

Hi @Muskie -

Not 100% sure... but have you looked at Zapier ??

Regards, Friedl.

++ on Zapier.

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I will give Zapier a look. Thank you for the tip.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but Zapier doesn't appear to have a Particle integration, and webhooks require a rather expensive subscription. Not a good situation for my hobbyist projects.

Hi, I've never worked with Alexa, but these project explains how to do it for an ESP32.
Apparently, there is a library that they use, which makes the ESP be seen as a wemo device, and Alexa can control it.
I would look into that if I were looking for a solution to that problem, however, I have no clue about the chances of success...

The lib they use:


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@Muskie, I am not sure how it would replace IFTTT for your cases, but I use this library/skill that works well for my needs: Amazon Echo Home Automation Skill

I run it on a Photon that publishes events to other Photons, Argons and Xenons that take action. I don't know if it will run on newer devices/OS.
This other post was going to make something happen, but haven't heard anything more: Particle Echo Connection

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HI @Muskie

Zapier is not the cheapest if I recall correct, but it was quite easy to get going if I recall correct. I was not the software dev on the project, but as we were pressed for time I recall the guys opting to use it.

Have you seen this article already? Not sure what it does, just saw Particle.... (some other stuff)... Alexa and thought it might get you going :slight_smile:


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Thanks to all for the suggestions. I will look into each of them and see where they lead.

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