IFTTT: How to trigger Amazon Alexa, or control devices connected to Amazon Echo plus?


I want use the Photon to trigger some actions on Amazon Alexa or devices linked to the Echo plus (like hue lights) using IFTTT

  • How can I let alexa speak a sentence triggered by the Photon?
  • How can I send a notification to Alexa (voice message, light ring@Echo blinking yellow)?
  • How can I start a routine, or a device connected to the Echo plus?

I know how to trigger functions on the Photon by using Alexa, but fount no way to do this the other way round using IFTTT. I’ve seen the Particle Triggers on IFTTT, but I can find no way to trigger something at Alexa or the Echo dot.
if not possible with IFTTT, are there any other web services?


This really is more of a question for the Amazon AWS forums than here. Your issues are not related to Particle, but rather to the Alexa API. Amazon restricts heavily what any app can “make” an Echo do. It is more focused on user initiated response.


Thanks for the help. It’s disappointing that this is a one way street. so easy in one direction, impossible in the other way.
I may find help in the AWS forum, but I don’t want to spend hours and days familiarizing myself with the system architecture just to send simple on-off commands from photon to echo plus.
Hardware manufacturers like Particle should put more pressure on Amazon here, it’s certainly a win-win situation for both sides. It can’t be that difficult for Amazon to provide something like this…

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